Bagnara Marmi Due

from the QUARRY to the WORK

Fiera MarmoMac di Verona 2022

Tavolo “Materico”

With the technical support of Bagnara Marmi Due, artistic products have been created, which first and foremost enhance the native marble of the quarry on the Asiago plateau. Creating works of art that could actually be of use, such as the table displayed at the fair, exploit the concept of recovery. The support structure for the marble platform is conceived by revisiting an old fifth wheel of an excavator that is now abandoned and in disuse intended for an old iron.
The marble floor uses a 3 x 2 meter rough solid rock with a thickness of about 30 centimeters, sculpted and then polished by hand in some points, giving an illusory effect: where water seems to flow fluidly between the rocks of a mountain stream.
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