Giardino Marinaressa

“Planet Earth 2020”
Marinaressa gardens, Venice.
ECC Italy, European cultural Center.

Venice Biennale theme: How will we live together? 


With a veiled candor, the artist wants to reason the viewer, transmitting how human beings in a matter of years have altered our planet that evolved and balanced in millions of years. Moreover, here centrally through the matter of our substrate the artist through a translation of the material, dissolves an immortal matter; similar to what global warming is causing to Earth. We live in the period of the upheaval of planetary relations, but in reality, the attitude towards the earth is now deeply utilitarian.

Our hands are our timid attitude of resolution in the face of the problem that seems not to concern us.

We forget that we are part of the planet and not the planet itself.

Materials:Palissandro marble, azul macaubas & golden green granite, stainless steel, bronze, corten steel.