Riccardo Gatti’s research is based on the absence of a real separation between the Human Being, the elements of the Earth and the Cosmos, in the presence of his own human limits towards the immensity and boundlessness of the Universe, inhabited by forces with an immense power.

His fascination with the forms and the materials present in nature takes him on a journey within himself; through which he meets as allies from distant galaxies and primordial fluids in a process where the old and the new merge and that are unremittingly transformed.
The veins of marble are different and unique for each single piece. They form splendid designs that are in themselves a work of art. Therefore, this research takes shape starting from the following question: how to enhance the material that constitutes our life support, the material of our mountains, within which it encounters stratifications of eternity?

Between marble and the universe there exists only one vibratory difference: density. A difference, however, is only apparent, as it is sufficient to contemplate the veins of the onyx and compare them
with a frame taken by a satellite to notice their incredible similarity. Within the Planets series, marble refers to the primordial fluid that crosses the galaxies and gives origin to life. A life that is constantly transforming energy as it is nothing but matter in motion. It would be unrealistic to understand this mystery through a rational thought, which could be transcended leaving one to wonder and to contemplate.

The Planets series is then configured as a portal that leads to a series of astral forms. The concept of portal is easily accessible to the viewer, favoring an interactive dialogue with the surrounding environment. The reflecting material has been selected in a way to suggest a suction movement towards the inside, in which the work becomes a means to dissolve and to reach the represented planet.

It is useless to hide that the creative force is fueled by amazement towards creation, by the materials of nature, and by everything that surrounds us.
Thus, it reuses the material, modifies it to the point in which it changes its appearance until it
regains its own sensitivity. It eludes through the shape playing with a cold material, transforming it
into its opposite that is warm and soft.
It gives birth to a new element that spurs life to something new on its own: something cold and
rigid, immutable over time that surprise us even more if transformed into its opposite or something unstable, something light and soft, that can mutate in any moment. Thus, it creates awe, wonder and disbelief.

These processes take place without having a specific objective from the part of the creative mind, in which the artist describes his experience as a vital one: “Like a volcano that continually gives birth to things: it is not something I choose, but rather it is something that simply happens. A push to follow my nature. If I do not create, I would be an animal that has wings but does not want to fly”.
Riccardo Gatti’s art thus becomes a direct bridge with the creative unconsciousness, in which the individual cancels himself out in the process: “I don’t want to imitate, but to be a nature that creates new forms.”

The dimension of sound also comes into play. It is integrated into the collection by some high quality audio speakers, that are representative of how sound is the original vibration from which life originates. It is from sound that the Creative Vibration manifests itself. A sound that is nothing more than energy that is transformed as matter is created.